16 April, 2007

Sotobou Jigging Season

Hi everybody. For 5 consecutive days we can't access/log in into our postmaster area to update or amend any article. However, as promised here we published just for u all an articles from a friend; one from a series of his experience in saltwater of Japan. Ina.

About two weeks ago I headed off to the Pacific side of Chiba for some light tackle jigging. We had a good run on seabream and yellowtail. Mixed in were a bunch of other bottom dwelling fish called matodai and kintoki in Japanese. I can’t recall ever hearing what they’re called in English. They were pretty good eating though.

The weather is warming up so from this month until about the end of June there’ll be good yellowtail fishing over that way. This season lots of anglers are going to be switching from using standard metal jigs to using a new type of bullet jig called ‘Inchiku’ in Japanese. More on those later. To make a long story short, THEY WORK! - Del

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