07 May, 2007

Anglers Paradise @ Maldives

Consisting of 2,000 tiny coral islands stretching 800 km through the Indian Ocean just south of India/Sri Lanka, none more than two meters above sea level yet surrounded by very deep water, the Maldives are rich in gamefish of many varieties.

Water temperatures never fall below 28 C, so marlin and sailfish occur year round. Maldives is particularly rich in wahoo and several members of the tuna family; big yellowfin are most plentiful early in the year.

In late evening, november 30th, 2002, five Singaporean and two Japanese anglers arrived at Male airport Maldives. As soon as they left the airport, they jumped in the safari boat MV. COZY, and jumped in each bed in small cabins.
On the next day 3 AM, while all anglers are still sleeping, the boat left it's anchorage and head to the north. And our fishing safari in Maldives started. Our doni (every boat in any size is called "doni" or "dhoni" in Maldives). MV. COZY is 60ft safari boat with 4 crews and a guide, usually used for diving and fishing safari tour. The speed is slow but has good casting space because of it's flat roof.
All 7 of us can cast at a same time on the bow deck and the roof deck. Seven topwater addicts who cast at a same time are from Singapore, our leader Zeck, Simon, Hong Kim, Aik Sing and Gene who coordinate this trip, and from Japan, K-ToTo Mukaiyama and me. On the first day morning, December 1st, we arrived at Faadhippolhu Atoll about 100 km north from Male and started fishing. In the afternoon of the first day, K-ToTo caught first trophy fish of this trip, 45kg Sailfish. We slowly moved up to the northmost atoll Ihavandhippolhu Atoll with fishing at every good fishing spot. We landed at a desert island for surf fishing and visited a few small towns for supply water during our voyage navigated by Maldivian guide Majeed. It was amazing seven and a half days fishing safari live on board.
On the last day, we left COZY at South Thiladhunmathee Atoll and fly back to Male with a lot of good memories and a bit of muscular pain.
Report by: Mr.HAMANAKA, Setsuo (Japan) sham@za2.so-net.ne.jp. To organise your fishing trip pls contact: www.muni.com.mv

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