15 March, 2007

Micheal Schubert in Action

Hi everybody. Just to share our recent “The Victorian Gamefish Classic 2007” held at Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia on 16 – 17 February. Here were our programs:

Members from the South Gippsland and Victorian Game Fishing Clubs arrived at Rhyll Angling club for the registration and tournament briefing. A total of 65 teams comprising 187 anglers, 169 fishing section 1 and 18 fishing section 2 of the competition. There were 160 male, 15 female, 9 junior and 3 small fry entries into the computer. The tournament briefing was held at 9:15pm with most anglers in attendance.
We must thank the Rhyll angling club for the use of their club rooms for the registration and briefing with a special thanks to the ladies of the club for the constant supply of finger food for all to enjoy.

The morning began with a fantastic breakfast of egg, bacon, sausages, coffee, tea and orange juice, graciously sponsored by Darren Whelan from the Alberton Roadhouse. Most boats headed to sea to find calm fine conditions. Fishing commenced at 6:30am with reports of fish starting to air by 7:30am. Weather for the day was good, although I think many would have preferred a little more sea breeze in the afternoon to cool it off a bit.
There were plenty of fish tagged and taken during the day with 3 pending Victorian State Records amongst them. The Saturday night meal was great with thank to the SGGFC for organising it, the meal seemed to be enjoyed by all.

With the weather report for 20-30 knots from the north for Sunday thing were not looking promising, but with a clear calm start to the day most ventured out into Bass Strait for a look at conditions to be confronted with a pearler of a day. Again there was little if any wind for the day, clam seas and a few fish reported. The record breaking of Saturday unfortunately was not repeated on Sunday, although many good fish were tagged and taken throughout the day. With the fishing completed by 3:30pm the race was on to finalise the tournament results for the presentation.


Heaviest capture on fly - Not Won
Heaviest capture 37 / 60 kg line - Not Won
Heaviest capture 15 / 24 kg line – Steve Pearce – 253 kg Mako on 15kg line
Heaviest capture 8 / 10 kg line – Darren Morgan – 50.8 kg Mako on 10kg line
Heaviest capture 4 / 6 kg line – Clint Arlington – 47.5 kg Mako on 4kg line
Perghh power gile. Menewaskan Yu Mako 253kg dengan tali pancing 15kg. Clint lak pakai tali 4kg jer, blh naikkan Mako 47.5kg. Tak dapat den bayangkan macamana diaorang layan ikan tu..

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